Joint Sealants

Esha-Izoton APJ

The ESHA-IZOTON-APJ System is a hot, in situ application system for waterproofing and sealing transverse joints ofmetal or concrete bridges, consisting of a combination of special grading of hard aggregates and special elastomeric bituminous binder, to form a box-shaped gasket that overlaps the underlying bridge cross-section at least 25 cm wide on either side of its longitudinal axis.

EshaSealer 164

ESHASEALER 164 is an elastomeric, hot poured bituminous Sealant. It provides a permanently elastic jointing compound capable of accommodating a joint movement larger than 20%.


Two component elastomeric polyurethane extended bitumen sealant for professional use.


Diodia se Attiki Odo 2

ESHAPUBISEAL is a cold applied high grade, self levelling, elastomeric, two component (Α+Β) Polyourethane-Bitumen Sealant.


Prefabricated, Self-Adhesive, Cold Applied Bitumen-Polymer Strip.


Prefabricated, Self-Adhesive, Cold Applied, Bitumen-Polymer Tape.

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