EshaVent - Self adhesive vapor control & bituminous waterproofing membrane

Product Description

EshaVent is a self-adhesive bituminous waterproofing membrane that possesses most effective ventilating characteristics. It is produced from SBS modified bitumen which exhibits impressive elasticity and enhanced viscoelastic properties even at very low temperatures (-15 °C), and special additives that give the membrane self-adhesive properties, hence the ability to stick very easily to a suitably prepared substrate without the need of a torch.

EshaVent weights 1,9 kg/m2, is reinforced with glass-fleece, its top cover is quartz sand and its undercover a fully-adhered perforated aluminium foil or a perforated glass-fleece. The undercover is protected by a siliconized removable PE paper.

The perforated aluminium foil is an excellent under layer to accommodate the thermal expansions of the substrate and create vapor pressure relief areas. The perforations in the aluminium foil allow the special type of polymer modified bitumen to stick to the surface beneath. This way EshaVent is applied by means of “regular spot-welding”. EshaVent is a so-called Thermo-Adhesive roofing membrane, meaning that the fastening of EshaVent to the sub base is fully completed when the top waterproofing layer is torched on.


EshaVent is applied:

  • As a stand-alone waterproofing system, since it possesses waterproofing and ventilating properties. It should only be protected by a cover layer (e.g. tiles, aggregates) as its top cover is not UV-resistant.
  • As a first waterproofing and ventilating layer, in a system of two waterproofing layers for flat and inclined roofs.
  • In Re-roofing works.


Packing in rolls of 1 m x 15 m.

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