EshaRoof Reflect - Under tile waterproofing & reflective insulation membrane

General Description / Characteristics

Esharoof Reflect is a specially designed roofing membrane for waterproofing of inclined roofs under tiles.The bituminous material consists of a high quality SBS treated bitumen while the reinforcement material is a polyester reinforced glass mat. The membrane is finished upper side with a highly reflective aluminium film while the bottom side is covered with PE film.

Main advantages

  • Ultimate waterproofing protection and prolonged material life expectancy to all climates due to SBS treated material characterized by high elasticity
  • It resists Radiant heat transfer by reflecting it back to the environment, improving thus house energy consumption especially during summer months.
  • Covering all thermal bridges above conventional XPS / EPS / Rockwool insulation, improving the value for money given for thermal insulation boards
  • Excellent natural & electromagnetic radiation barrier.

Application Methods

  • Thermal Reflective - Coold Roof with EshaRoof Reflect
    Top view
  • Thermal Reflective - Coold Roof with EshaRoof Reflect
    Bottom view
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