EshaRoof Elas - Elastomeric bituminous undertile waterproofing membranes

General Description / Characteristics

EshaRoof Elas is a new generation Esha under tile bituminous membrane: The heavy-duty undertile membranes generation!

EshaRoof Elas is produced from special bitumen, modified with thermoplastic elastomeric materials (SBS). This modification of the bitumen results in a binding material with enhanced elasticity, even at extremely low temperatures (-25 °C), improved viscoelastic properties and increased resistance to ageing.

EshaRoof Elas weighs 2,0 kg/m2, which increases its waterproofing capacity compared to lighter under tile roofing membranes.

EshaRoof Elas is reinforced with high mechanical strength polyester fabric, is top covered with quartz sand and bottom covered with PE film.

EshaRoof Elas Advantages

  • Extremely durable
  • Large operating temperature range (-40 °C έως +125 °C)
  • Is not torn
  • Is not influenced by insects or mice
  • Does not develop fungus
  • Is easily applied using nail fixing.
  • Due to its elastic nature is self-healed around each nail.


In rolls of 30 m2.

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