EshaGum Antiroot ( APP -10 °C ) - Plastomeric bituminous root resistant waterproofing membranes

Product Description

Plastomeric waterproofing membrane EshaGum Antiroot B2 is a part of EshaOxygen Green Roof System, developed by Esha.

It is a plastomeric bituminous membrane with extremely effective antiroot properties. The latter are achieved with the addition and homogeneous dispersion of Preventol B2, a special antiroot component, in the modified bituminous binder during production.

Once it is welded on the substrate EshaGum Antiroot B2 creates a continuous barrier against plant roots, also along the membrane overlapping areas. Preventol B2 remains active throughout the life span of the waterproofing system, and stays remarkably stable even at relatively high or low temperatures.

EshaGum Antiroot B2 is produced from special types of bitumen and selected polymer materials based on propylene (APP).This special composition grants the membrane excellent elasticity in low temperatures and high resistance to ageing.


  • Waterproofing and Antiroot protection of flat and inclined roofs
  • Waterproofing and Antiroot protection of underground works / Foundations


Packing in rolls of 1mx10m.

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