EshaDien Geo - Elastomeric bituminous waterproofing membranes for underground structures

Product Description

EshaDien Geo is specially designed for waterproofing of underground and vertical walls and for horizontal underground structures.

Elastomeric waterproofing membrane EshaDien Geo is produced from special bitumen, modified with thermoplastic elastomeric materials (SBS). The bitumen modification produces a binding material with enhanced elasticity, even at extremely low temperatures (-20 °C), and improved viscoelastic properties which are ideal for the production of superb quality bituminous waterproofing products.

EshaDien Geo is reinforced with a spun-bonded polyester non-woven rot-resistant fabric and is covered from one side with PE film and from the other side with rot-resistant polyester geotextile of 190 gr/m2, giving maximum protection to the waterproofing layer for all vertical underground applications.



•Waterproofing/protection of horizontal underground surfaces (e.g. in basement waterproofing, canals).

•Waterproofing of horizontal concrete elements (e.g. concrete decks, sport grounds).

•Waterproofing of horizontal concrete elements that are being back-filled.


•Waterproofing of vertical concrete surfaces, as underground external walls.


Packing in rolls of 1m x 10m.



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