Esha Bulgaria is introducing NewTechnology in the Construction of New Trakia Bulgarian Highway

The New Trakia Motorway...

The Trakia motorway (Bulgarian: Aвтомагистрала „Тракия“, Avtomagistrala "Trakiya") or Thrace motorway, designated A1, is a motorway currently in construction in Bulgaria. It is planned to connect the capital of Sofia with Burgas and the Black Sea through the second-largest city of Plovdiv. The motorway is named after the historical region of Thrace, the northern (Bulgarian) part of which it runs through. The Trakia motorway's planned length of 368 km is almost constructed, as of 2010 125 km are in construction and 243 km in operation. The part in operation is divided into two sections - the first linking Sofia to Stara Zagora and the second Burgas to Karnobat.

Esha Bulgaria and the New Trakia Motorway...

Esha Bulgaria is providing a special type of Modified Bitumen Binder for the Highway Pavement. The new sysnthesis of bituminous pavement is a breakthrough for the country's Road Building standrards and is expected to start-off a new era in Bulgarian Road Construction Technology.


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